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RepChecker (RC) WorkFlow Efficiency
OTA's Big Data Aggregation

Machine Learning & Analysis

Marketing Tools & Visualization
Hotels Marketing Tools
Hotel Director & Managment
Informed Strategic Decisions
VOC (Voice of The Customers), CS (Customers Satisfaction) and ROI (Return on Investment) RepChecker's Big Data Machine Learning Analytic . Powerful insights about your business strengths and weaknesses. Positive Impact on your advertising and marketing strategy.
Oversight & Performance
Monitor your VOC & CS Improvement efforts of all your Departments or a specific services. Comprehensive Data Visualization will empower your Employees, and promote self awarness and proactive behavior regarding Costumers satisfaction
Professional Revenue Manager
Optimized Distribution and RevPAR
RepChecker Revenue Management Tools Improve your COMP SET (Competitive Set) monitoring & understanding. RC Tools Provides a Strategic Advantage that will impact your Competitiveness
Real Time Aggregation
Monitor Your COMP SET Yield and Prices offerings and quickly adjust your destributions. Perform Historical Data Advanced Researches for a better long term pricing strategy Download your Reports Data as Excel/PDFs Templates.
Customers Services & Front Desk
Streamline your Day To Day Workflow
RepChecker Reviews Manager aggregates all your OTA’s Reviews in one place for rapid responses. Read/Reply Semi-Automate Responders and Templates are Time Savor and will encourage your Employees to positively engage with the your customers
Online Reputation Protection
{RC RealTime Data Analysis can detect and alert you of negative reviews or comments that could damage your Online Reputation. Awarness and promt response is your best diffences. RC Pro is also Fully Customizable and can detect specific term of your choice. **( Pro Only).
Big Data Visualization | Powerful Insights
RC ValueChain Machine Learning Analysis*
Global CS Score
Front Desk
**VCTM Patented Technology
OTA's CS Ratings
COMP SET Comparizion Charts
Real Time Indicators

Cloud Based Marketing Tools Intutive and Easy To Use Dashboard
Real Time Comprehensive VOC (Voice Of the Customers) Big Data Visualization
Informative Insights on your Business Strengths and Weaknesses
Better Understanding and Monitoring of your Close Competitors
Accurate Rates and Yield Indicators for your Pricing Strategy
Streamline CS Efforts and get better OTA’s (Customer Satisfaction) Ratings
Improve Employees Productivity and Advertising effectiveness
Historica Data Advanced Marketing Research
Revenue Manager Price Discovery Functions
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